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Your 100% legal work in the sphere of internet-companionship.

Earn $2000 or more per month.

Mentoring by the most top webcam-model Kate (Solar Kate), professional promotion of your personal brand, all expenses paid!

01 Your mentor — world-renowned webcam-model Solar Kate

награда игзибит

Hi, I’m Kate! Four years ago I was browsing through the pages of the internet for a new job not knowing what the future held for me. The only thing I knew for certain was that I was determined to change my life once and for all.

Today, I'm a professional in my field, a multiple nominee and winner of the XBIZ award. In 2021 I won the award for "Best webcam-model".

I do what I love, make good money and can afford more things than I could ever fathom.

The road to where I am today wasn't easy. At the beginning of my webcam career, I made a lot of mistakes and did not always make the right decisions. What I really lacked was an experienced mentor.

Therefore if you decide to join our team, then I will become that mentor for you. I will make sure that your road to success is much faster and smoother.

And all it takes from your part is discipline and dedication. The rest will be on me! I will teach you how to grow your self-confidence, your self love, without letting society’s beauty standards, affect your own value! And of course, I will help you achieve Financial Success!

Your figure, size, skin colour don’t matter because for each and every girl is a suitable niche

02 What is a webcam?

Webcam — a business, based on online communication between the girls and their video chat guests. Foreign guests of streams (members) are willing and ready to pay girls for their time, pleasant company and conversation.

In the chat, a girl can both simply communicate and maintain an interesting conversation (non-nude format), or conduct her stream in a more intimate format.

The more popular the girl’s broadcasts, the more she earns from visitors in the general chat, from those that want to switch to private as well as from regular members.

Что такое вебкам фото

so1arkate — is a YouTube channel where our ambassador and your future mentor — Kate answers the most popular questions about the webcam industry

03 About our studio

Imperium is not just a studio, it's a whole production centre. We not only hire girls, we turn every single one into an individual brand. While working in our studio, you will be promoted on all available sites, to increase your fame and success!

We will train you to use all the necessary equipment, make cool streams and promote your personal brand on all sites that will bring you passive income.

During the trial period, the studio will provide you with a Logitech Brio Ultra HD PRO and, in three months, a professional slr camera and a studio microphone for high quality 4K streams.

05 Pros of a webcam-girls career

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    You will constantly get compliments which will raise your self esteem

  • девушка 2

    You will become financially independent and can afford all your heart's desires

  • девушка 3

    You will be able to travel and see the world

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    You will be able to invest in yourself, improve yourself and become the best version of yourself

06 Advantages of working with us


Calculated based on real income statistics of our girls over the past year

  • — Flexible working hours

    The schedule is agreed on with each girl individually. You get to choose how many hours and shifts you want per week, as well as pick the time of day most convenient for you to work (morning, afternoon or night).

  • — Payments and financial support at the first stage

    Payments upon your streaming will be done every 2 weeks. Financial support is also possible before the first salary.

  • — Opportunity to learn English

    You will have to communicate with foreign members most of the time, thus knowledge of English will be to your advantage.

    But even if you don't know English or don’t know it well enough, don't worry

    An online translator will be assigned to you, and at the same you will have the opportunity to learn the language.

  • — Worker registration

    This is formal and legal work, and our studio will pay all the necessary taxes. The interview will be conducted by Kate herself. There is absolutely no need to prepare for it — just be yourself!

    After a successful interview, that is if we are a good match for each other, we will send you a contract so you can familiarise yourself with it. then we register you for the job and you can start working.

  • — Anonymity of work

    There are two formats of work. The first is work on paid sites with members, the second — on free sites available to more users. Each of the formats has its own pros and cons.

    We know all the subtleties and features, so we'll find the most suitable option for you. On any of the sites you have the option to choose the regions where your profile will not be shown. By default, we block all CIS countries. We can also block other countries at your request.

  • — Where is our studio located and how do you get there?

    Our studio is located in the capital of Romania — Bucharest. After the online interview with Kate and familiarisation with the contract, we will buy you tickets to Bucharest. We will also take care of the visa.

  • — Housing, documents and registration

    We take it upon ourselves to process all the necessary documents and a bank card. We will provide accommodation and financial support, as well as continued training which will be directly conducted by Kate.

  • — Your corporate identity

    After the trial period (3 months), we will start developing your personal brand and style, draw up a plan for its promotion and start working on it.

  • — Prospects

    After three months of working in our studio we will consider your candidacy for work in a studio in Spain ( that is, of course, if you're willing). the working conditions in Spain will be negotiated individually.

  • — Mentoring

    If you're anxious about lack of experience, don't be! Here you'll find people who are ready to help and train you, in particular, Kate — a successful model who is in the field of webcams and enjoys her work.

    She will tell you about all the intricacies of the work, help you master the right skills and help you at every stage of your new career.

We know exactly how to help you earn more than you can imagine!

07 Starting our partnership

  • 1

    Fill out an application and we will contact you via video call. Kate will communicate with you directly.

    Fill out a form
  • 2

    After a successful interview, we will send you a contract. Get acquainted with it.

  • 3

    We will pay for your transfer and for the entire process, including your visa and a bank account and card. Upon arrival, we will get you acquainted with the city and our studio.

  • 4

    You will have a testing period, during which you will get familiar with your work, and we will make sure to answer all your questions.

  • 5

    If everything is to your liking, we will agree on a convenient schedule (morning, afternoon, evening), number of hours and shifts.

  • 6

    We will sign the contract, which you’ve already familiarized yourself with, and start working.

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